Electronic Components Sourcing

RioSH have extremely diverse support on all kind of automotive connectors, headers, housings, terminals and kits, automotive wire harness project, prototype development and production with extremely responsive delivery module. Flexible supply chain to minimize the customer overhead. Zero Defect Quality Control. Our Strong Support on All kind of Connectors and Memory components (DRAM, EEPROM, FLASH, NVRAM, SRAM, FRAM, FIFO & controllers). All major electronic components we can supply in very short lead time. We can help to find EOL and hard to find components as well..

Our Certification shows how committed we are towards the highest level of Quality control as per industry standards. RioSH has its own strict protocols which bound all our supply chain partners to focus more on the Quality checks. RioSH follow the top notch supplier’s selection procedure to maintain the best quality every time. We have dedicated partner for regular components Inspection. We follow the double check procedure so we can avoid any counterfeit infiltration in the Industry supply chain. Our Quality check done by industry’s best equipment with exceptionally trained quality professionals.

  • Urgent Buying or Regular buying, we respect the customer demand and offer the best solution instantly. Shortage requirement is our advantage, we can offer the instant delivery @ fractional cost.
  • Finding Genuine Obsolete part is big challenge for many EMS, OEM or R&D companies. With phenomenal reach RioSH can help you find right components for your production. 
  • As a value added service we can offer customised warehouse solution, or if customer need any help in the consolidation we offer the best service. Our Flexible service is suitable for all kind of customers to maximize efficiency.


Note: Facing any problems while placing the enquiry, Please Send a mail to Sales@rioshtech.com